5GC Protocols and Procedures 3 Days

Intended Audience: Telecom Engineers or anyone interested in details of 5G Core
Delivery Method: Live slides and Active Learning Methodology
Prerequisites: 4G and 5G Overview Knowledge
Source: 3GPP, IETF, GSMA, ETSI, etc

5G Core Network Overview

  • Review on general 5GS architecture and concepts

  • Nodes and interfaces

  • Identities

SBI - Service Based Architecture

  • NF Services

  • SBI – Service Based Interfaces

    • Interface definition language​

  • SBI Protocol Stack

    • Discovery and communication​

    • Routing mechanisms

    • Identifying a target source

    • Message forwarding

    • Extensibility mechanisms

    • Security mechanisms

    • Binding between NF service Consumer and SN Service Resource

5G NAS – Non Access Stratum

  • UE domain selection

  • NAS Security

  • Network Slicing

  • Standalone Non-public Network

  • Elementary procedures for 5GS MM

  • Elementary procedures for 5GS SM


  • NGAP procedure

  • UE Context Management

  • UE MM Procedures

  • Paging Procedure

  • Transport of NAS Message

  • Interface Management

  • Short list of Information Elements (IE)


  • Packet Forwarding Model: handling of:


  • PFCP session handling

  • Support for Lawful Interception - LI

  • Support for Traffic Steering

  • Switching and Splitting for 5GC

  • Procedures and Information Elements (IE)


  • User Plane PDUs

  • GTP-u packet format


  • HTTP standard/custom headers

  • HTTP error handling

  • HTTP status codes

  • HTTP Connection management

Procedures for 5G System (detailed)

  • Registration procedure

  • Session Management Procedure

  • Handover procedures

  • NF Service Procedures


  • Idle Mode Mobility

  • Connected Mode Mobility

PCC – Policy and Charging Control

  • Session/Non-Session Related Policy

  • Architectural Model and Reference Points

  • PCC rules and operations

  • Signaling flows for Policy framework

Network Slicing

  • NSSF Services

  • NW Slice Data model and definitions

    • SST=1,2,3,4​

  • Network Slice Selection Procedures

Network Exposure

  • NIDD – Non IP Data Delivery

  • NEF Services

  • Network Exposure Related Procedures