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5G Courses
5G System Overview.png

5G System Overview

A 2-days course covering essentials in 5G System, NG-RAN, and 5G Core. Architecture and new concepts are examined. This is a great course to get familiar with the basics of the 5G System.


5G Core Protocols and Procedures.png

5G Core Protocols & Procedures

If you already are familiar with 5G Core and want to gain extra knowledge for Protocols used in 5GC, this is the correct course for you. In detailed walk-through of 5GC signaling.


Ng-RAN Overview.png

NG-RAN Overview

A 2-days course covering essential and details of NG-RAN. Including architecture, concepts, and procedures. This course is designed to be well suited with knowledge demands on Radio Access Network of 5G called NG.


5G Protocol Analysis.png

5G Protocol Analysis

A 3-days of deep analysis on 5G traces. Deepen your 5G knowledge using traces and parameters in practice.

Generic Traces used with detail explanation of protocols.



NR Signaling

A 2 days course of NR signaling analysis. A deep analysis of New Radio (NR) of 5G is explained and many procedures in 5G-NR are examined.

This is a great course to become an expert in 5G-NR.


5G in a backpack2.png

5G in a Backpack

3-days hands-on 5G System in-depth analysis. Setup, configure and run your own 5G network with configurable parameters. Produce and capture your own traces with help of our experts.


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