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5GC Protocol Analysis– 3 Days

Intended Audience: Telecom Engineers Requiering Deep look into 5GC Protocols
Delivery Method: Live slides and Active Learning Methodology
Prerequisites: 5G Core Protocols And Procedures
Source: 3GPP latest Release and Traces

5G Core Protocol Overview

  • NGAP

  • HTTP2

  • JSON

  • RESTFul

  • PFCP

5GC Procedures

  • Registration

  • PDU Session Establishment

  • Paging

  • Handovers

Registration Management

  • Registration

  • De-Registration

  • Paging

  • Lab based on Wireshark traces

Session Management and 5G User Plane

  • PDU Session Estblishment

  • PDU Session Release

  • Lab based on Wireshark Traces

5G Mobility

  • Connected Mode Mobility

  • Xn Handover

  • N2 Handover

5G QoS

  • QoS Architecture

  • QoS Parameters

  • PFCP Protocol Details

  • Lab based on Wireshark traces

Network Exposure

  • Monitoring Capabilities

  • Provisioning Capabilities

  • Policy and Charging Capabilities

  • AF Influence on Traffic Routing

  • Lab based on Wireshark traces


  • 5G Architecture

  • QoS Flows

  • 5QI, ARP

  • GBR QoS Flow: MFBR, GFBR

  • Non-GBR QoS Flow: RQA, RQoS

  • Traffic Cases

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