IMS Protocols And Procedures - 3 Days

Intended Audience: Telecom Engineers or anyone interested in Details of IMS
Delivery Method: Live slides and Active Learning Methodology
Prerequisites: General IP and VoIP Knowledge
Source: 3GPP, IETF, GSMA, ETSI, etc

IMS Architecture

  • IMS Introduction

  • IMS Architecture Review

  • Nodes and Interfaces

  • IMS User Profiles and Filter Criteria

  • IMS Services

Session Initiation Protocol - SIP

  • VoIP Domain

  • SIP Methods

  • SIP Headers

  • SIP Responses

Session Description Protocol - SDP

  • SDP Details

  • Codec negotiation with SDP

VoLTE Architecture

  • QoS Handling for VoLTE

  • PCRF Interaction for VoLTE

  • Default and Dedicated Bearers for VoLTE

  • GSMA Recommendations for VoLTE & ViLTE

IMS Interworking

  • Interworking with CS Domain

  • Interworking with PS Domain

  • Interworking with non-IMS VoIP-Domain


  • QoS handling in IMS

  • IMS Charging

  • PCC Machinery with PCRF

  • Details for signaling in Rx and Gx Interfaces


  • DIAMETER details

  • DIAMETER Commands and AVPs

  • DIAMETER usage in IMS

IMS Security

  • IMS Security Architecture

  • IMS Access Security

  • IMS Network Security

  • SIP Headers used for IMS Security

SIP Extensions for 3GPP

  • Details of all SIP extensions used in IMS

  • IMS Registration – Detailed Traffic Case

  • IMS Subscription – Detailed Traffic Case

  • IMS Invitation – Detailed Traffic Case

IMS Services

  • IMS Service Architecture

  • SIP-Based Services

  • Legacy Service Architecture Interaction

  • MRFP and MRFC

  • Detailed Traffic Cases for some IMS Services