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5G NR Signalling  2 Days

Protocols and Procedures

Intended Audience: Telecom Engineers or anyone interested in details of NR
Delivery Method: Live slides and Active Learning Methodology
Prerequisites: 5G Overview Knowledge
Source: 3GPP, IETF, GSMA, ETSI, etc

5G System Overview

  • 5G System Architecture and UE identities within the 5G System(5GS)

  • NG-RAN Architecture including NR Sidelink & IAB (R16)

  • Stand Alone (SA) and Non-Stand Alone(NSA) solutions

  • 5GS, Control Plane Protocol Stack

  • 5GS, User Plane Protocol Stack

  • PDU Connectivity Service and PDU session

  • NR supported transmission numerologies

  • 5G NR Frame, subframes and slots structure

  • 5G NR Channel Structure

Open RAN(O-RAN), F1AP and E1AP

  • NG-RAN split Architecture

  • Functional split between central and distributed unit​​​

  • F1 and E1 general principles

  • F1 Control plane (F1-C) and F1 User Plane (F1-U) protocol structure

  • E1 interface protocol structure

  • Elementary Procedure concept

  • E1AP and F1AP function and services

  • E1AP and F1AP Elementary procedures

  • Procedures in gNB-CU/gNB-DU Architecture

Initial cell search

  • Synchronization Signal and PBCH block (SSB)

  • SSB Burst concept

  • Synchronization Block Pattern

  • Master Information Block Content

  • Control and Resource Set (CORSET) concept

  • NR Channel Structure

  • NR Signals and Physical channels

  • Initial cell search procedure

  • Procedure to get SIB1 in initial cell search

Radio Resource Control(RRC)

  • RRC protocol structure

  • UE RRC state and state transitions

  • Signaling Radio Bearer

  • Main functions of NR RRC protocol

  • RRC Connection Establishment

  • AS Security procedure

  • RRC Reconfiguration

  • RRC procedures corresponding with Initial registration

  • RRC_Inactive to RRC_Connected procedures

Xn Application Protocol (XnAP)

  • Xn general principles

  • Xn Control plane (Xn-C) and Xn User Plane (Xn-U) protocol structure

  • XnAP function and Services

  • XnAP Elementary procedures

  • Handover Procedure procedure

  • Secondary Node Addition procedure

  • Paging procedure and RAN-Based Notification Area

NG Application Protocol (NGAP)

  • NG general principles

  • NG Control plane (NG-C) and NG User Plane (NG-U) protocol structure

  • NGAP Function and services

  • NGAP Elementary procedures

  • NGAP procedures corresponding with Initial registration

  • NGAP procedures corresponding with UE Context management

  • NGAP procedures corresponding with PDU Session establishment

Service Data Adaptation Protocol (SDAP)

  • Layer 2 Structure for DL/UL with CA configured

  • ​SDAP Architecture, Functions and Services

  • SDAP procedures, SDAP entity, QoS flow to DRB mapping

  • GPRS Tunneling Protocol User plane(GTP-U) structure

  • PDU formats – Control PDU – Data PDU

  • QoS parameters distribution in 5GS

  • Reflective QoS Flow

Non-Access Stratum (NAS) protocol

  • NAS protocol structure

  • NAS main functions

  • 5GS NAS message formats

  • 5GS Integrity and Ciphering

  • NAS 5GS Session Management procedures

  • NAS 5GS Mobility Management procedures

  • Initial Registration procedure

  • PDU Session Establishment procedure

  • PDU Session Authentication and Authorization

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